New Year: Nootropics

There are over 30,000 gyms in the US, and every January, memberships for those gyms skyrockets as people resolve to diet, work-out, and improve their health in general. But in addition to cardio, yoga, elliptical machines and the usual assortment of classes, the role of nutrition cannot be ignored. Sure, there are food subscription services for everything from daily smoothie supplies to juice cleanses to 30 minute dinner plans, but what about those who support bio-hacking their systems with nootropics?



Simply put, nootropics are compounds that many people customize to help improve their cognitive ability. No longer limited to Silicon Valley geeks trying to maintain an edge, nootropics are becoming more mainstream every day, with Facebook user groups, and even a variety of products like "smart drug candies" available online and in retail outlets. Not satisfied with an across-the-board approach, one manufacturer is further defining the nootropic niche by focusing their products solely on the unique "fuel" needs of women.

As the market for nootropics grows, and people become more accustomed to fine-tuning their nutrient needs, whether through better understanding of the mind/gut connection or more mindful food selection, this trend for bio-hacking and brain supplements is only predicted to continue as a 2018 wellness trend. From your ubiquitous morning coffee, to the meteoric rise of energy drinks like Red Bull, Monster, and even 5-hour energy shots, nootropics build on the known effects of substances like caffeine and nicotine, adding other substances to tweak cognitive focus.

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