Valentine's Day Sales Heat Up To $19.6B

Whether you “love” this romance-centric holiday, embrace an anti-Valentine’s Day mindset, choose a gal pal brunch over a date, or are just looking for a reason to boost your February e-commerce sales, U.S. consumers are expected to spend $19.6B this Valentine’s Day.

From heart-shaped biscuits at Chick-fil-A, to heart-shaped take & bake pizzas at Papa Murphy's, to heart-shaped donuts at Krispy Kreme, there is no shortage of clever ways to show your love this February 14.  With this winter bringing snow to parts of the deep south that don’t “do” snow, combined with the groundhog’s prediction for 6 more weeks of winter, people are ready to treat their loved ones (and their kids’ teachers and themselves). Candy and greeting cards are predicted to be the top sellers, and the iconic heart-shaped boxes of chocolates and conversation hearts reign supreme. The folks at Food & Wine even created this handy post about candy popularity by state. According to their post, 60% of people prefer chocolate to flowers. After all, chocolate always loves you back.

Chocolate Loves You

Luxury purchases are becoming more common online, and Valentine’s Day jewelry sales are no exception. Even though only 19% are expected to give gifts of jewelry, the numbers quickly add up to the lion’s share of the (heart-shaped) Valentine’s Day pie at $4.7B. Not surprisingly, Millennials and Generation Z are expected to spend more on Valentine’s day gifts for their pets than older generations. Because who wouldn't want to spoil their dog with a $175 food dish from Tiffany's? Chocolate may love you back, but pets love you back even more. 

Whether you’re shipping traditional gifts like candy and valentine cards, or non-traditional gifts like anti-snoring devices or BFF bling, at FDC, we love saving our clients time and money on e-commerce order fulfillment services. Why not get a free quote today and share the love?


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