From an Island to a Community

Way back in 1624, John Donne penned the now-famous line "no man is an island," and as the world grows ever-smaller and more connected via the Internet, trends from crowdfunded campaigns to crowdsourced info sites to coworking spaces exemplify the poet's original concept that we work better together as a community.


Whether you support a pet project close to your heart with your hard-earned money in a Kickstarter campaign, chime in an answer on Quora, or rent shared office space in the growing arena of coworking spaces, you become part of something bigger than just yourself. And shared resources, both monetary and creative, can lead to bigger and better things. Studies show that people who volunteer their time or money enjoy a range of benefits from improved self-esteem to better job prospects.

As many entrepreneurs grow a company, they start to look at more ways to have an impact, not just on their business and its employees, but on their community and beyond. Giving back can be as simple as introducing yourself to a coworker from another department that you don't know to organizing a group of staff to volunteer together on a weekend project for a cause central to your company's mission. It makes people feel good to help others and that feeling translates to happier, more productive employees.

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