From Rock Bottom to Rock Star

You can have a cost-effective, innovative product, great social media presence, and a UI-optimized website, but you're still going to need a killer sales force (even if you're just a force of one!), to really stand out from the crowd. In today's hyper-stimulated, always-on culture, fumbling through a lame power point sales pitch is no longer enough to seal the deal when you finally do connect with a potential client. What's a struggling entrepreneur or fledgling sales team to do short of draconian Glengarry Glen Ross tactics?


To start with, make sure that your product descriptions are informative and compelling. It doesn't have to be an over-the-top call to action like a 70s infomercial, but it should make consumers feel a sense of urgency to buy your product. You can find some great tips for writing effective product descriptions here.

Next up, organization is key. With "work" happening across multiple platforms, from your desktop or laptop to your cell phone, there are numerous apps to help you stay connected across devices. Here's an article noting the 10 best google chrome extensions for salespeople, many of which our teams use to automate some sales functions while personalizing others.

From trade shows to working remotely to simply being accessible after hours, work time and personal time have a tendency to blur together, so keeping your personal life organized in addition to the above work tools can only lead to better overall productivity. Here's an overview of 15 apps to help you keep your mobile lifestyle working as smoothly as your career.

When you've put as many of these tips to work for you as you can, and are excelling at work and life, can help take you to the next level of #winning by streamlining your e-commerce order fulfillment and improving your bottom line. You'll be ultra-organized and saving money, a win-win in our book!



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