MOM Upside Down Is WOW

The National Retail Federation (NRF) anticipates Mother's Day spending in the U.S. to reach $23.1 billion this year.

In addition to the usual gifts of jewelry, gift cards, and breakfast in bed, 69% of that is expected to be spent on flowers.  One clever florist is stepping up their mom-guilt game to earn their share of those purchases.

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29% of those the NRF surveyed indicated that they would enjoy a “gift of experience,” such as a spa day or concert tickets, but if you really want to edge out your siblings for mom’s favorite child status, check out where you can customize mom’s gift based on her interests...from foodie and chocolate lovers, to artists or trailblazers, they’ve got something for every type of mom.

Want to splurge AND surprise mom at the same time? Check out Pack Up & Go, a travel agency that will create a “surprise” 3-day weekend itinerary for you based on just a few questions and budget. The best part? Even if you’re in a different city from mom, they can make it work!

How about a gift that keeps on giving, like a subscription service? Show mom she’s a superhero with a weekly or monthly shipment of ready-to-eat super foods, let her know that you appreciate the endless batches of mac & cheese she cooked you with gourmet treats from around the world, or upgrade her carpool yoga pants with new threads on the reg. If you really want to spoil her, check out Volvo’s new subscription model. Yes, you read that can now subscribe to driving a new car every 12 months and it includes insurance and all maintenance.

Although we can’t whisk your mom off on a surprise getaway or promise her a new car every year, at (FDC), we can make sure your e-commerce order to her ships and is delivered on time. From all of us at FDC, Happy Mother’s Day!


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