Father's Day the Right Way

Father's Day spending is expected to hit a near-record $15.3B in sales this year with more consumers planning their purchases at a shopping mall vs online, according to the National Retail Federation. It seems like when I was a kid, a tie or tools were the go-to cliche gift for Father's Day (my dad was neither fashionable or handy, so he got a lot of homemade, lopsided ceramic ash trays), but today there are so many more choices based on dad's true interests.

Does he love craft beer? Anything from a craft beer subscription service to beer-making supplies to a tour of local breweries fit the bill nicely for anyone's budget. Is he the fun dad always loading up the family truckster for a trip to the nearest body of water? Pool floats in every shape and size await...from floating beer pong and cornhole to hipster icons like Chuck Taylors and Hawaiian shirts to fave snack foods like pretzels and ice cream sandwiches to giant inflatable chickens for a modern spin on the chicken fight. Bonus: many of them have matching floating drink rings for the aforementioned craft beer.

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Is the grill your dad's go-to zen place where he magically transforms meat into miracles of taste? He may already have all of the tools, but additions like a lamp that lets him grill past sunset, a personalized steak brand, caffeinated hot sauce, or the tried-and-true grill apron always win.

Does your father's skin and hair regime rival your mom's for bathroom counter space? Websites like mysubscriptionaddiction take the guesswork out of choosing a subscription box by reviewing them all for you!

However you choose to celebrate Father's Day (or be celebrated!), you can't go wrong with a card, phone call, Facetime chat, or in-person visit. From all of us at Fulfillment.com, happy Father's Day!

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