Summer Traditions

If you know anything about history, you know that today's traditions are rooted in yesterday's customs. For example, yesterday was the summer solstice. Cultures around the world have different celebrations to mark the longest day of the year, often related to fertility in both the harvest and humankind. Today, most people just enjoy the extra sunlight to linger at the pool or cook out with friends.

Have you ever wondered why so many brides get married in June? In Roman times, June was the month ascribed to the Roman goddess Juno, who was a protector of women, especially in marriage and childbearing, so a June wedding was particularly auspicious. In Victorian times, the scents of June flowers helped mask body odors since bathing was less frequent than today's standards. In addition, a June wedding would hopefully allow a bride's first offspring to be born in the spring, allowing recovery time before the fall harvest.



Did your grandparents or parents change up their furniture when spring transitioned to summer? It's not just a trend masterminded by Martha Stewart to sell lighter fabrics and area rugs to us all! For example, in the 19th century south, Spanish moss was cured and used in both furniture and mattresses (even Henry Ford used it for seat stuffing in his first Model Ts!). Because air readily permeated a moss mattress, it kept cooler in the southern summer heat. During the winter, extra covering would be added below and atop the moss mattress.

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